@Chloe C

This is the best glove ever to make my tan not only last longer, but my skin feels so nice after using it! I literally use it weekly to remove my tan the night before I apply!

@Jus H

Can I just say I am a massive Loving Tan fan but this glove is THE best. I used to hate soaking and scrubbing for hours, this takes 5 mins in the shower #loveit

@Julia P

I love the Loving Tan exfoliating glove because it works really well getting the tan off your skin or before you are going to tan it scrubs your skin up really well without being too harsh. This removes all my fake tan and dosen't hurt my skin! I absolutely love it and use it weekly


I also love my Tan Removing and Skin Polishing Glove! I use it to exfoliate and obviously to remove my old tan before applying a new one. But I never knew how soft my skin would feel right after I use it! I have a lot of trust in this product, knowing my dead skin cells and my old tan have been removed. It's an awesome product and I definitely would recommend it to my friends!

@Amanada N

Tan removing and skin polishing glove - Is gentle on my skin yet is super effective in removing my tan and an extra bonus is the two different sides with different surface harshness depending on how much tan is left to remove

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