@Kelly Wilson

The 'easy to reach back applicator' is so smart! I don’t always have someone home who can get those hard to reach spots on my back. With the 'back applicator' its easy for me to do myself and my back is covered evenly!! Such a smart and easy device to use!! It completes my tan perfectly :)

@Lisa C

The back applicator is a genius way to make all over tanning quick and easy. I can tan my back in no time and get an even application every time.

@Stephanie C

As a first time self tanner, the Easy to Reach Back Applicator made applying tan to my back a breeze! I was worried as to how tanning your back worked and if it would be even, and this product just took the worry out of the equation. It would have been a struggle without this genius product, it is definitely a good investment! Loving Tan have nailed it with this product.

@Tahnee M

The back applicator - LIFESAVER is an understatement, usually i tan late at night before bed and everyone has usually gone to bed and its awkward bending and stretching to apply tan to my back. This applicator is amazing!

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