@Melody L

These are my favorite self tanning products! I love feeling bronzed & tan! –thank you Loving Tan

@Angelina W

As I am pretty fair this shade is perfect for me in Winter. I apply it after a shower at night and wash it of the next morning. The application is super easy with the black mitt and fast, too. There are never any streaks and the tan lasts 5-10 days even though I shower everyday plus shave my legs! I can use one bottle of bronzing mousse for about two months so the price is worth it at any rate. On top of that the ingredients are perfect without animal testing etc. I LOVE IT!

@Bronwen M

I actually stopped tanning naturally once I found Loving Tan! It is quite honestly the BEST tanner I have ever used! I love the natural olive color. How long it lasts. The compliments I get when I'm wearing it. Gorgeous. I'm so glad I found this product! I definitely needed to give a shout out to you guys! Amazing work! I use Loving Tan in Medium for a lovely sunkissed glow. I double layer it for more intensity. And LOVE it!!

@Marissa S

I've tried literally every tanning product out there and by far Loving Tan is the best. It gives the PERFECT glowing tan. Makes my skin look amazing and gives it a healthy glow. I've told all my friends about it. I'm definitely sticking with this, no more need to keep searching for the perfect tan. :)

@Madelaine B

I swear if you didn't know me (and know that I'm naturally super pale) you would think my tan was natural - no streaks and no orange tinge. I tend to just embrace my extremely pale skin in winter but when it comes to showing some skin in spring I like to have a little extra confidence and Loving Tan helps me achieve that - not only is the tan extremely natural looking but it's also made of all natural and plant based ingredients :) My go to product is Loving Tan because I know I can trust that my tan will never turn out orange or streaky!

@Cara L

So in love with Loving Tan self tanning mousse! Gave me the perfect sun-kissed color without the harmful effects of tanning. No orange color, no streaks, smells delicious, and makes my skin feel super soft and moisturized

@Siobhan T

I have used other tanning products before and LOVING TAN is the only tan I use now ! It had the most natural color, completely even coverage and the most important thing.. It gives me confidence!! Makes me feel so good about going from white.. to a natural glowing tone . I have had so many people comment how beautiful and natural my tan is . Will never use anything else ! Oh and it smells devine !

@Lauren G

My favorite product is the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Medium because I have such fair skin and using this tan gives an absolutely flawless finish that looks natural without having to deal with the nasty UV rays. I always get compliments when using this product! <3

@Jessica M

Deluxe bronzing mousse! Best tan I've ever used by far! Looks natural and nobody complains about me smelling like fake tan. I'm glad I found a product like yours.

@Breearna J

Loving Tan Medium Mousse - smells great, feels amazingly smooth and the color is perfection!! I'm very pale but this color leaves a natural sun kissed glow and lasts for days!

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