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REAL BEFORE & AFTERS USING Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Dark

Last night I used @lovingtanofficial for the first time & this is my tan now! Looks perfect, right? I'm sooo happy with it! NO STREAKS - NO STAINS ?? this is the deluxe bronzing mousse in 'dark'


The best tan I've ever come across and it's so great for me because I have kids and can use it in the comfort of my own home :-) 11/10 guys ! Thanks again X #BestTanEver#lovingtan


Just went to the Bahamas @lovingtanofficial #theproofisinthetan #nothingelsecomesclose


Starting off the new year right with #lovingtan in dark! Absolutely love this product! If you haven't checked them out, go do it


My new favorite tan - in dark! @lovingtanofficial I've now been using this tan religiously for a month! Not only is it a gorgeous color, but it dries in less than a minute! No more sitting in front of fans trying to dry off #faketan#review #lovingtan #dark


Going on day 4 @lovingtanofficial is still going strong! Loving the results from my Loving Tan mousse in dark! Awesome product ladies #lovingtan #holygrail


So in love with @lovingtanofficial ! Best thing I ever tried! let's get tanned! #lovingtan


Omg seriously the best tan I've ever used


Hi! Just wanted to share my before and after photo using dark. Just want to say thank you so much for an amazing product! As you can see I'm very pale girl; it would take me a whole summer of laying in the sun daily to get anything close to this color! Absolutely love it... I tell everyone :) Thank you!


Before & After with Loving Tan! #nofilter I’m so in love with this. The perfect color and so many compliments!


My first results with @lovingtanofficial I really like the natural look!


Thursdays are tan days. Half my body is ready for summer, the other half wants to go back to bed!


Tested out @lovingtanofficial earlier this week for our upcoming campaign shoot! Absolutely LOVING how naturally bronzed @mirandaaston looks (left bikinis on to check color)


Ok! So I have been using the ultra dark forever but now its winter I wanted to try the dark and I am totally in love with the results! So natural looking and makes me feel so good @lovingtanofficial. I tell all my friends about this product, it's great value for money because I can get at least 5 full body applications from a bottle!


Ready to bring in the new year with a killer tan! Thanks @lovingtanofficial wearing deluxe bronzing mousse in dark #loveagoodtan#lovingtan


My after / before picture of my @lovingtanofficial


My B&A using @lovingtanofficial yes I know I get pretty pasty in winter ahh, thank goodness for loving tan.


I've never ever faked tanned myself. I once got a spray tan which turned out horrible and never did it again. I avoid the sun and lather myself in sunscreen whenever I'm outdoors which has made me very fair. Anways I came across an Aussie vegan self tanner called @lovingtanofficial. I used the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Dark! I was initially really anxious and nervous as it was my first time. I exfoliated the night before and just before applying the bronzing mousse and then moisturized. I applied two coats which isn't needed next time I'll only apply one. This morning I did an hour work out where I was sweating excessively and wore boxing gloves during half of it and I'm pleased to say it didn't mark or streak or sweat off on my clothes at all which I was impressed about. I love it so much!! I hope you guys try it. It's really lovely.