This is the best fake tanner I've tried so far. It is available online @lovingtanofficial It's also more cost friendly. St. Tropez and Vita Liberata sell for about $50-$60 and this one is about $30! I was very pleased with the results. I recommend that before using tanner you exfoliate entire body and put lotion on wrists, hands, ankles and knees, to prevent streaking in those extra dry areas. This tanner develops in 2 hours. The darker the results you desire the longer you will have to leave it on before rinsing, 2 hours was good for me though. Loving Tan does make tanners that you apply and wear overnight and rinse in the morning. This one is good for a last minute date, etc!


OMGGG!! Best product ever @lovingtanofficial #lovingtan #tan #bronze #winterbronze


Before and after wearing my favorite @lovingtanofficial 2 hour express in dark


Before and after using @lovingtanofficial my legs are a pale olive tone originally but after using @lovingtanofficial 2 hour express in dark my skin has life!!


Before and After with #lovingtan 2 hour express dark mousse! So quick and easy to use plus it's not sticky - perfect before a Friday night on the town


Just used your 2HR Express Mousse in Dark, and loved the color of it! So brown not orange at all!


TGIF! ?? Getting ready for the weekend with one of my fav latest acquisition: 2H express mousse from @lovingtanofficial As you know I promote a healthy lifestyle, this product is vegan, environment friendly, paraben & alcohol free! It's so easy to apply and gives you such a natural tan. If I have to rate this product, I will give it a 10/10! It's awesome to feel like I just came from the Bahamas even in Autumn or Winter.


I really don't think the before picture gives a true indication of how pale I me I was so white that when I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror I barely recognized myself. At this current stage, this is by far the BEST fake tan I've tried. Love my tan! @lovingtanofficial #lovingtan #nomorepale #timetogotothebeach


Wow! If you haven’t tried Loving Tan yet you should definitely try it! Best self tan I’ve used. No more need for gradual moisturizers or spray tans!


I’m bronzed!!!!


Loving Tan 2HR express tan “dark” in love! @lovingtanofficial


I am pretty stoked about my results with @lovingtanofficial


Tanning Thursdays #whitegirlproblems #vampskin #white #lovingtan


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