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Which Loving Tan Shade is Best for You?

by Loving Tan September 01, 2015 1 min read

One of the best things about controlling your own faux glow? Tanning your skin right from the comfort of our own bathroom, no sun required! Before getting started with Loving Tan, do you find yourself asking what product is perfect for you? How do I know which shade is right for me? Look no further!

Choosing Your Colour Intensity

To get the most natural looking tan, it’s important to balance your base with the right colour intensity. To accommodate all skin tones, Loving Tan offers our professional strength, signature solution in 3 shades to suit every skin tone.
  • Medium– The lightest in the Loving Tan collection, Medium is recommended for achieving a natural-looking colour on pale complexions.
  • Dark– Loving Tan’s dark shade is perfect for elevating olive skin tones or creating dramatic colour on fair skin.
  • Ultra Dark – Ideal for medium to dark skin tones, this formula has the highest DHA levels in the Loving Tan range. We recommend this colour to experienced tanners only.

Deluxe Bronzing Mousse or 2 Hour Express?

The only difference between our deluxe range and our express range is the rinse off time! We recommend leaving our deluxe range on for 6-8 hours before rinsing, and just 2 hours before rinsing off our express range. You will still get the same great colour with both products! If you don’t like sleeping in fake tan, or wearing it throughout the day, our express range is for you. Please note that both products take around 12 hours to fully develop. 

2 Responses

Barbie lee
Barbie lee

February 23, 2016

For Asians with fair skin what can you recommend? If I get the medium will the tan gets darker every 2 hours? Even though I’m already contented with the first stage of tanned effect. -first timer


December 01, 2015

Anyone who looks like Casper that wants to have a nice tan & vibrant shade to their body should definitely purchase a bottle of the Bronzing Mousse in the shade “Dark”. It’s one of the few tanners out there that doesn’t turn you orange!! ?❤️

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