The Tanning Bible - Top Tips

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Tip #1 Hair removal

Make sure you shave/ wax 24 hours before tanning. Shaving or waxing after you have applied your tan will result in a patchy, uneven tan.

Tip #2 Exfoliate

To achieve a smooth and even application, ensure you thoroughly exfoliate your entire body to remove any dead skin cells and old, built up tan. Make sure you allow 12-24 hours after exfoliation before you tan (we recommend exfoliating after shaving) – this allows the skin to settle and the pores to close before tanning.

Tip #3 Remove all makeup

Ensure all makeup is removed from your face before tanning to avoid an uneven tan. If you tan with a clean face, you won’t need to wear as much foundation once you tan. Loving Tan helps to cover up any imperfections and makes your skin look radiant. Try treating yourself to a facemask before tanning.

Tip #4 Hydrate dry areas

Because Loving Tan is professional strength, always moisturise your hands, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and feet immediately prior to tanning. This will prevent the tan from overdeveloping in these areas, which will result in a more natural looking tan.

Tip #5 Avoid getting wet

After tanning, avoid getting wet for 6-8 hours (deluxe range) or 2 hours (express range). Avoid tight fitting clothing for the duration of the development time. Once you’ve allowed the tan to develop, quickly rinse off the bronzer in the shower using only your hands (no soap) and towel pat dry.

Tip #6 Moisturise!

This is the most important step to keep your skin hydrated. Ensure you are moisturising daily to extend the life of your tan.

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